A guide on Homescapes

Homescapes have become a very popular game nowadays that deals with the matching of puzzles. Here you can only access the current t level of the game. And after the completion of every stage, you will get one star with which you can easily unlock a new level. The games start when Austin comes and sees that his parent’s house needs some renovation. Here you will have to help Austin to redecorate the house by completing each stage. You will earn stars that will help Austin. You have to use the starts instead of saving it because the games revolve around renovating the house in your own way. Here this article is going to give you a little guide on the game.

Powerups in Homescapes Hack

Here in these game after your match the tiles you will get a special power that will help you to succeed the next levels.

Rocket: If you can easily match any four tiles of a column or row then you will get the rocket. It will help you to blast in two directions that will remove all the tiles of that column or row. The position at which the rocket will face will be determined on the set of the tiles that you have matched for creating them. So column will form a rocket that will face horizontally to clear the row whereas the row will create a rocket that will shot vertically for clearing the column.

Bomb: If you can match 5 titles that will be arranged in l shape then you will get Bomb. So it will help to burn down everything that is present near to it in the radius of two squares. And they will blast in a circle so don’t use it near any edge as you will waste most of its power.

Paper plane: If you can match tiles in four numbers arranged in the square then you will get the paper plane. When you will use this power up it will clear floor tiles on the below, above, right Homescapes Cheats or left. It always opts for a tile that it can easily remove. If only one cheery is present on the board, then you can also destroy it as they are not dependent on the location of the tile.

Rainbow ball: When you will match tiles of five in a column or row then you will get a rainbow ball. It can easily remove every tile from the board that will match the color of the tile with which it was swapped. As it can clear a lot of tiles hence considered to the most useful of all.

Power-ups have the ability to swap up with other power-ups. Using Power-ups are said to be the effective trick for mastering this game of homescapes. They may not earn you many coins or stars but will help you’re to accomplish your task with minimum moves. You can also check out Homescapes tricks for learning about this game. Because matching the puzzle is not that easy when you have limited number of moves.