IMVU – Everything About The Currency


As we know that, all types of games are designed by featuring the virtual currency. If we talk about the IMVU then you can see different types of currency in it. The currency is playing an important role on the platform. Without the currency, the players are not able to perform activities properly. Consequently, they cannot get entertainment in a perfect way. Following are the types of currency.

  • Credits
  • Promotional credits
  • Developer tokens

The individuals those want to get proper entertainment and do progress, they should gather funds quickly. For different types of activities different type of currency can be used. You are not able to perform all activities with the use of a single kind of currency by trying IMVU Hack 2020. The upcoming details can help you in getting complete knowledge related to the funds.

Details related to the credits

The credits are the main currency of the platform. It is also considered as the common currency. In most of the activities, the players can see the use or existence of credits. In the game, the appearance of character is one of the important factors. All players are trying to provider better look to the AVATAR. It becomes possible if the players have a big amount of credits in the account.

The collection of credits is completely based on the players’ efforts. The players are able to perform numerous other types of activities by considering its way. The players those have a good amount of credits they can also consider it for earning real money.

Let’s introduced to promotion credits

The second and important currency type of the platform is promotion credits. On the platform, it is also considered with different types of names such as – predits and promo-credits. The use of promotional credits is not simple as the use of credits. It is tagged with different types of limitations or restrictions. With it, the way of gathering funds also become completely different.

The players are not able to take help from promotional credit at each and every place. For it, the players are required to focus on different types of things. The most important thing about it is that, the players cannot do a trade of predits as they can do with credits.

What about developer tokens?

The developer tokens are working as the premium currency. With its use, the players are able to access the services of some premium features. If we pay attention to its collection process then it is quite complicated. The collection of developer tokens is completely based on the predits. As more promotional credits spend by the players, a higher amount of developer tokens is credited to the account.

When you pay promotional credits for any type of custom item at that time an amount of tokens is added. Here some players get confused and think that they can perform similar activities with the help of credits. It is not possible. For the collection of developer tokens, the players need to spend predits or real money.